Friday, June 5, 2009

Infra red heating in hotels... means saving a lot in heating costs.

A very good heating system alternative for any hotel are INfraR heating elements, because they offer a large variation in heating possibilities in the infra red area. These variations range from very discreet or nearly invisible to very stylish pictures or even the hotels own logo inserted in the element.
Because our systems use all the available energy directly for heating, they are very competitive and offer a simple solution in saving a lot of energy (and therefore money and the environment) compared to the standard convection heating systems that you will find in most hotel rooms.

The overall comfort of the room is increased, because INfraR uses the very latest infra red technology which brings about a number of advantages over convection heating systems;
- it optimizes the air humidity and therefore ensures a much better night’s sleep as the air isn’t dry,
- it does not move any air, leaving the air clean and improves the comfort of asthma patients and people with contact lenses,
- it radiates the heat directly to the persons, giving relief to rheumatic patients, elderly and children.

The elements are very easy and fast to install and can be used with the existing wiring and thermostat controls. You will not lose any business due to refurbishment because INfraR heating systems can be installed between bookings, even while the room is being cleaned.

We have a large range of designs available and we are very proud of the many possibilities we can offer in design;
The panels are either frame less or with an aluminum or wooden frame and are available in any desired color to match the existing interior design in the rooms.
Have the element as a mirror for multi purpose heating and special effects (i.e. heating bathrooms without causing any condensation)
You can have any picture integrated in the element, be it your own logo or sign, photograph or custom art. We offer any kind of High Definition Art Designs and pictures to enhance the character of your rooms.

Based on the following Case Study criteria the heating elements could pay for themselves within 6 months.
This case study is based on the following criteria,

Hotel Group ‘Convection’
100 Hotels with 200 Rooms each using a 2KW Convection Heater

Hotel Group ‘INfraR’
100 Hotels with 200 Rooms each using a 0.57KW Heating Element size1100mm x 600mm

Running Costs:
2KW Electric Convection Heater @ 0.22 cent per Hour
0.57 KW INfraR Heating Element @ 0.06 cent per Hour

Usage Formula:
6 Hours per Day x 30 Day Months x 6 Months

A hotel with 100 rooms (using convectional heaters)
Heating per hour per room 0,38
Heating costs per room based on criteria 410,40
Total heating costs of all rooms 41.040,00

A hotel with 100 rooms (using our infra red heaters)
Heating per hour per room 0,09
Heating costs per room based on criteria 97,20
Total heating costs of all rooms 9.720,00

You saved 31.320,00

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